In our Day School and Tikvah Center, we build strong minds, encourage independent thinking and inspire creativity. We infuse Jewish values into the daily experience of our students’ and families’ lives. And, we create a community committed to a multi-faceted, complex understanding of our world.

We embrace the concept of Jewish Peoplehood. This means we are a Jewish community school committed to meeting the diverse needs of our students, their families, and the larger school community. We seek not only to impart to our students an excellent secular and Jewish education, but also to respect each family’s expression of Jewish identity. Students learn to take comfort and pride in Peoplehood and to respect the diversity of our world.

We emphasize the importance of Jewish Living, Learning and Academic Achievement as the foundation of our students’ values. All students are taught by caring, highly-qualified professionals in a warm, educational environment where we recognize and celebrate that every child is unique. One of the most celebrated connections on our campus is the Tikvah Center, a place for hope for children on the autism spectrum.  This program provides individualized and specialized quality education in a warm, nurturing environment. In the Gordon Day School and in the Tikvah Center, our emphasis on differentiated instruction creates the perfect environment to help each child reach his or her full potential.

I encourage you to find out more about The Gordon School as you explore our website and/or schedule a visit. To schedule a tour, please call 305-854-3282 or email

Miriam Rube
Day School Principal                                                                                            

Sandra picture 2014Dear Parents,

I am deeply committed to the children and families of our community and it energizes me to nurture this school of excellence as it continues to reach new heights.

Giving children the tools to teach them how to learn is our ultimate goal. I have dedicated my career, spanning almost three decades, to establish meaningful, long-lasting relationships with children, parents and staff, as we create a partnership – a brit – to enrich the fundamental years of early childhood. Ours is a journey that engages the whole family!

Specifically, our learning environment includes high quality programming within the framework of a Jewish setting, a nurturing and qualified teaching staff and expansive classrooms that enable children to be active participants in their learning. Opportunities for parent education and engagement, are key components that make the Early Childhood Center at the Gordon School a special place for our entire community.

The sounds of happy children exploring their surroundings and classrooms that capture the processes of active learning “tell our story.” It is my hope that as you learn more about The Gordon School, you will schedule a tour to experience it firsthand!

To wonderful beginnings,
Sandra Kopp, M.S.
Principal of Early Childhood Education & Kindergarten Liaison