Physical Development

– Demonstrates coordination and balance
– Expresses self through movement
– Shows eye-hand coordination
– Helps with feeding
– Helps with dressing
– Helps with personal hygiene
– Helps with routine tasks

Emotional and Social Development

– Begins to build relationships with adults
– Shows feelings of security with familiar adults
– Begins to relate to other children
– Shows awareness of feelings displayed by other children
– Shows sense of self as individual
– Shows awareness of own abilities
– Regulates emotions and behaviors with adult support
– Follows simple routines & rules in a group setting with adult support
– Expresses self creatively through art and music
– Demonstrates imagination through dramatic play
– Recognizes significant and personal relationships
– Begins to recognize individual preferences and differences

Judaic Skills and Experiences

– Listens to stories about Jewish traditions and celebrations
– Learns songs related to Shabbat and the holidays
– Engages in multi-sensory activities to deepen understanding of  Jewish symbols and stories
– Explores Jewish ritual objects

Language and Literacy Skills

– Responds to spoken words
– Follows simple directions and requests
– Communicates nonverbally, using motions and gestures
– Demonstrates beginning oral language skills, using sounds & words
– Uses sounds and words in social situations
– Begins to express self freely and creatively, using sounds and words
– Asks simple questions
– Listens to stories for short periods of time
– Begins to explore physical features of a book
– Becomes aware of pictures in print
– Scribbles spontaneously

Cognitive Development

– Explores basic shapes
– Begins to sort and match items with guidance
– Shows awareness of early concepts related to amount
– Explores concepts related to measurement
– Begins to solve simple problems using logical reasoning
– Actively explores the environment
– Uses sounds and simple words to describe things in the     environment
– Uses sounds and simple words to ask questions about the     environment
– Uses simple tools
– Begins to show curiosity in the environment
– Begins to focus on activities of interest
– Begins to find different ways to solve simple problems