This program includes both a thematic and emergent curriculum approach, and is developmentally appropriate to meet the individual needs of each child.  Children acquire hands-on experiences in early literacy, creative arts, music, science, cooking, and learning Hebrew blessings and songs.

Literacy and Language

  • -Begins constructing meaning from spoken words
  • -Responds to spoken words and follows directions and requests
  • -Expresses thoughts with sounds, words and gestures
  • -Communicates non-verbally with motions and gestures
  • -Demonstrates oral language skills using words
  • -Asks questions
  • -Uses oral language in social situations
  • -Uses oral language for creative expression
  • -Begins to develop foundations for reading
  • -Develops story sense
  • -Shows book awareness
  • -Builds print awareness
  • -Begins to distinguish the different sounds of language
  • -Begins to develop foundations for writing


Cognitive Development

  • -Mathematical reasoning and logical thinking
  • -Identifies basic shapes
  • -Sorts and matches objects
  • -Develops number concepts
  • -Develops measuring concepts
  • -Arranges objects in simple patterns
  • -Thinks creatively using logical reasoning and mathematical thinking
  • -Identifies basic colors
  • -Scientific inquiry skills
  • -Actively explores environment
  • -Asks questions about the environment
  • -Uses tools to experiment

Physical Development

  • Begins to develop gross and fine gross motor skills
  • Acquires personal hygiene skills, including dressing and feeding himself and taking care of most toileting needs.