Two Year Olds (toddlers)

This program includes hands-on, developmentally appropriate activities and lessons, offered through both a thematic and emergent curriculum approach.  Additional activities include rhyming, counting and color games, music, dancing, outdoor play, science explorations, cooking, and creating keepsakes based on Jewish traditions and holiday celebrations.

Physical Development

  • -Controls body movements
  • -Demonstrates coordination and balance
  • -Expresses creativity through movement
  • -Controls hands and fingers
  • -Shows eye-hand coordination
  • -Feeds self
  • -Helps with dressing
  • -Helps with personal hygiene
  • -Helps with routine tasks
  • -Pays attention to safety instructions
  • -Begins to attend to personal health needs
  • -Names different foods


Emotional and Social Development

  • -Builds relationships with adults
  • -Shows feelings of security and trust
  • -Demonstrates beginning social skills with other children
  • -Shows sensitivity to other children’s feelings
  • -Begins to develop friendships with other children
  • -Shows behaviors that reflect child’s self-concept
  • -Demonstrates confidence in own abilities
  • -Begins to regulate own emotions and behaviors independently
  • -Begins to follow simple routines and a few rules in a group setting independently
  • -Expresses self creatively through art and music
  • -Demonstrates imagination through dramatic play


Language and Literacy Skills

  • -Responds to spoken words
  • -Follows directions and requests
  • -Communicates nonverbally, using motions and gestures
  • -Demonstrates oral language skills, using words
  • -Uses oral language in social situations
  • -Uses oral language for creative expression
  • -Asks questions
  • -Begins to follow what happens in a story
  • -Shows beginning book awareness
  • -Becomes aware of pictures and symbols in print
  • -Begins to distinguish the different sounds of language (phonological awareness, -which can be achieved during rhyming or fingerplay songs)
  • -Scribbles
  • -Draws simple pictures
  • -Dictates messages
  • -Expresses creativity using skills for writing


Cognitive Development

  • -Shows curiosity in learning new things
  • -Shows persistence in activities of interest
  • -Begins to find novel solutions to problems
  • -Begins to identify basic shapes
  • -Begins to sort and match objects
  • -Builds beginning number concepts
  • -Builds beginning measurement concepts
  • -Begins to solve simple problems using logical reasoning and mathematical thinking
  • -Explores concepts related to patterning
  • -Thinks creatively using logical reasoning and mathematical thinking
  • -Actively explores the environment
  • -Uses language to describe things in the environment
  • -Asks questions about the environment
  • -Uses tools to experiment
  • -Recognizes family roles and personal relationships
  • -Recognizes obvious individual preferences and differences
  • -Recognizes community roles and relationships
  • -Explores concepts of place and location


Judaic Skills and Experiences

  • -Listens to stories about Jewish life
  • -Sings songs related to Shabbat and the holidays
  • -Engages in multi-sensory activities to deepen understanding of Jewish symbols and stories
  • -Practices Jewish rituals related to Shabbat and holidays.